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Kirgisistan: Kel Suu See
Kyrgyzstan: Kel Suu Lake
France, Italy, Swizerland: Tour du Mont Blanc
France, Italy, Swizerland: Tour du Mont Blanc
The West Highland Way, Scottland
The West Highland Way, Scottland

„The mountains are calling – and I must go“ (John Muir)

It is during this hectic time that hiking is the ideal balance. Particulate becomes mountain air, street noise the gentle rippling of a creek. The office chair transforms into hiking boots, view on gray concrete buildings to magnificent views over fantastic mountain panoramas. Hiking gives the legs lightness, the head clearness and the soul adventurousness.

This experience has also been made by our TrekkingSpirits who want to take you on a trip with their reports, to see everything as they see it, hear everything as they hear it and feel what they feel. And, above all, to awaken the desire for nature, to be able to escape the treatmill of everyday life, at least for a short time.

Are you interested in putting down your experiences in words and images and become a TrekkingSpirit yourself? Then write some information about your motivation and experience to be@trekkingspiritproject.com. We look forward to hear from you.

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